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Part K - The Requirement

Part K of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations 1997 to 2014 provides as follows:

Stairways, ladders and ramps.

K1 Stairways, ladders and ramps shall be such as to afford safe passage for the users of a building.

Protection from falling.

K2 In a building the sides of every floor, balcony and every part of a roof to which people normally have access, and sunken areas connected to a building, shall be guarded to protect users from the risk of falling.

Vehicle ramps, floors and roofs.

K3 In a building, the sides of every vehicle ramp and every floor and roof to which vehicles have access shall be guarded against the risk of vehicles falling therefrom.

Application of this Part.

K4 The requirements of this Part apply to stairways, ladders and ramps which form part of the structure of a building.

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