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Part A Img

Appendix B

  • Diagram B1 Part L Insulation between and over joists

  • Diagram B2 Insulation between and below joists

  • Diagram B3 Insulation between and below rafters

  • Diagram B4 Insulation above and between rafters

  • Diagram B5 Timber flat roof,insulation between joists and below joists

  • Diagram B6 Sandwich warm deck flat roof above a concrete structure

  • Diagram B7 Inverted warm deck roof with concrete structure

  • Diagram B8 Cavity wall partial-fill insulation

  • Diagram B9 Cavity wall with full fill insulation

  • Diagram B10 Timber frame wall,insulation between framing timbers

  • Diagram B11 Hollow-block wall, internal insulation lining

  • Diagram B12 Concrete slab on ground floor,insulation under slab

  • Diagram B13 Concrete slab on ground floor, insulation under screed

  • Diagram B14 Suspended timber floor with quilt insulation

  • Diagram B15 Suspended timber floor with rigid or semi rigid board insulation

  • Diagram B16 Suspended reinforced concrete floor,internally insulated walls

  • Diagram B17 Suspended beam and block floor

  • Diagram B18 Exposed timber floor,Insulation between joists

  • Diagram B19 Exposed concrete floor external insulation

  • Table B1 Indicative U-values for windows,doors and rooflight

  • Table B1 Indicative U-values for windows,doors and rooflight